Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bud the Blackberry Gnome

With Virginia's berry picking season upon our doorstep, I received some much needed crafting inspiration. I am happy to introduce to you all, Bud, our blackberry gnome. His job, according to my 4 year old daughter Deirdre, is to guard the berries from 'pesky animals' whom 'take more than their share of the blackberries'. He also keeps the 'unfriendly insects' at bay- as well as 'helps the berries ripen up just right'. 

I made him using 50/50 wool felt. I find that using blends is easier to embroider, after using 100% wool felt for awhile. His blackberry hat was made using french knots. His cloak and outfit were made using Wee Folk's pattern and a running blanket stitch. 

The blueberry bush and cherry tree behind him were made by myself last summer. If you're interested in how I did it, I wrote an article for Rhythm of the Home magazine detailing the process. Bud now resides on our Spring/Summer nature table. I plan on also making him some other berry friends to keep him company! If you'd like to read about our blackberry picking trip last year you can find it here

Summer is still officially a month away, however we are having days up into the nineties already. With a tiny baby, I am finding it hard to enjoy the outdoors as much since she can't wear bug spray or sunscreen yet. But I am making do. I set up our back yard porch (which is just a large paved area surrounded by our plum tree and fairy gardens) so that my older kids can play out there alone. 

Now when I say alone, they're really not alone. They just think they are! I am actually right next to them, since our living room sliding glass and screen door opens up right out onto the porch.  I can and hear them as if they were in the next room, yet they're outside. I have a mud kitchen, wading pool, chalk, art supplies, trucks, a table and chairs, our fairy garden, and some riding toys all out there for them. And once Brynna is asleep, I then set her in a cradle near the door inside, so I can hear her, and then join Deirdre and Jonas outdoors. Let's just say this set up has been a hit on both ends. Now they don't have to wait for me to stop nursing to go outside. 

Plus I think that this little bit of perceived independence helps build their confidence and let's them play a bit more freely. Jonas and Deirdre have been working out their sibling squabbles more on their own out there too, which is nice. 

I will post some photos of our porch soon, behind the star is a glimpse. I lost my camera for a few days but I've found it again, yippee! Oh and yes, we've been making Waldorf window stars over here. Deirdre and I are addicted! 

I also am starting up my craft for the 'Bits of Goodness' Wizardry World themed swap I joined. Thank you Kelly over at Happy Whimsical Hearts for introducing me to this group. I am making 5 wooden Hungarian Horn-tail dragons and 5 golden eggs, as inspired by the Harry Potter series. I hope they turn out well. 

Until next time, 

Daily Verse or Quote:

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

– Matthew 18:2-3 (NIV)


  1. Your little blackberry gnome is so cute...I'm sure he will be well loved!! I LOVE your window star so much i want to makes some of these with the kids especially since they loved when we did a few origami crafts.Is there a window star book or would be such a fun rainy day project for the kid's!!
    Hope the heat lets up for you's been the same here...especially with the humidity I'm not comfortable bringing our newest little one outside either...thankfully today we were blessed with a nice day..I hope the same for you too!!

    1. Why thank you! I did get a kit from a seller on ETSY. You can find her shop here: They haven't re-posted the kit yet but I'm sure if you convo them they can hook you up. Deirdre, who is 4, had no problem with this craft but I did help. It was a great rainy day craft. Cheers! And congrats again on your new daughter, she is so cute!

  2. You've worked out a wonderful balance and approach to things! How lovely for the kids to be able to play in such a great space ~ can't wait to see more pics :-) And I love your blackberry gnome, just adorable. And you are most welcome for the intro to Bits of Goodness - it is such fun doing craft swaps!

  3. Oh I love little bud! I was just thinking about blackberry season and how far off it seems, maybe a little guy like this is what I need!?
    ~ joey ~

  4. Your blackberry gnome is quite adorable. What a good idea it would be to make a gnome for each berry season as they come upon us!

  5. He is so cute! I forgot how much ealier te berry seasons are back in Virginia.Oregon is a stange land with very late seasons compared to there :)

    Thanks for sharing on KCCO!

  6. I remember picking blackberries in Washington state as a child. My sister and I would come back with a bucket full of berries, stained fingers and toes and faces. My mama would freeze the berries, put them into a bowl with milk and sugar and we would eat them. The most wonderful way to eat them! Your gnomes are so very cute!

  7. I love your blackberry gnome!! And how wonderful to be able to supervise your children outside without being on top of them!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having an amazing week!

    1. I wanted to let you know that you will be featured tonight as one of the top most clicked. Have a great weekend!!


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