Friday, July 15, 2011

Play Silks and Magic

Tonight was a special night of crafting and mothering. I just love to create for my children and especially to create with them. Throughout my day, my younger son demands more of my immediate attention than my older daughter Deirdre. While my daughter is not neglected by any means, it is hard to truly connect with her when Jonas is trying to kill himself by finding and attempting to eat a peach pit. Hello gray hairs! (BTW where the phantom peach pit came from BEATS ME!) 

So during the times when it is just Deirdre and I, everything else can wait- and does. I try to plan a fun craft before bed every night even if it is just painting with her. I can then devote myself fully to her and its just lovely. Tonight was one of the nights again.

I few weeks ago I got the crazy idea to make my own play silks for the kids. Play silks are the quintessential Waldorf play toy, next to the play stand. The silks are 100% silk- as sticking with all natural materials, and they're dyed various colors. What is so great about these silks is that they're an open ended toy. They can serve multiple purposes and can be played with in a hundred different ways. From princess dresses to a meadows and oceans- they seriously are fabulous toys, especially for how simple they are. 

You can buy playsilks online for about $14 each. I however cannot bring myself to pay that much for just one!  After searching online and in fabric stores for silk, I found a site that sells them almost wholesale to you, precut and hemmed! Plus they are a very eco-friendly company that has great corporate responsible when it comes to their workers and their carbon footprint. So I ordered 5 35x35 habotai silk scarves form them for $20 plus shipping. (If I had gotten premade plays silks I would have spent close to $70). 

And tonight Deirdre and I dyed them together as our special craft time. She LOVED this craft and was able to help me measure the vinegar and pour in the dye. She learned more about her colors and mixing them, not to mention we truly connected

Afterwards, she immediately began playing with them and had her gnomes cross her leg bridge over the raspberry river into the purple mountains. It was so worth it! 

Bonne Nuit! 
~ Nicole 

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  1. Ah, she looks so pretty. And what great memories she'll have!


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