About Me

Hello and Welcome! 

I always find it hard to write these 'about me' blurbs, since I'd prefer to tell you about myself over a cup of coffee in my kitchen, but here goes!

I began Doting On Deirdre back in 2009 as I began to stay home full time with my first born Deirdre Cosette while taking a year off from college. In between that time and now I have had two more lovely children, Emil Jonas who is almost 4 and Brynna Lisette who is 20 months old. I also graduated in May 2011 with my Bachelors degree in History and Masters in Teaching from Christopher Newport University. I now work full time for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and live in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg in an original home that was built in 1753! 

I grew up in Virginia Beach and as my uncle used to say I have saltwater in my blood. I love to surf when I have the time and to just be outdoors near or in the water. I love to travel and I love language.  I have been blessed enough to have spent a month in Morocco through an exchange program with the State Department as well as then backpacking across a good chunk of Europe doing research on Celtic folklore. I also still speak Spanish, French, German, and a little bit of Arabic. I'm pretty fond of Latin too. I love to practice so please feel free to email me! 

Myself in my other life, at work! 

In Morocco in 2007 while pregnant with Deirdre. 

I am also a Christian. My faith is central in my daily life so it is reflected here in my blog. I know some of us don't share the same beliefs and I love that. Any and everyone is welcome in this place.  My faith spills over into my writing. Not allowing it to do so would be untrue to myself. 

I am very passionate about Waldorf Education, homeschooling, crafting,  missions, fair trade, and adoption. You'll find my posts drift from one of those topics to another usually. 
I think that's enough about me. Again I feel weird writing about myself. It's like an odd combination of my CV and life story. But truly I am an open book. I blog primarily about happy stuff and also some hard stuff. 

I might not know you in real life but I am just as here for any of you if you need a virtual hug or high five. I really mean that. I have met some of the most amazing people ever through my blog. I am so grateful for this place. 

My eldest, Deirdre Cosette, who will be 7 in December. 
My only son, Emil Jonas, who will be 5 next February. 
My bald baby girl, Brynna Lisette, who will be 3 next April.