Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby's Nursery

So to get me excited and to make me feel better- well or at the very least help- I have started planning the baby's nursery. Our plan is still to not find out the baby's sex, which is perfect because the theme I like is gender neutral.

Before this baby was born and when having another baby was not even on our minds, I brought a Beatrix Potter fabric panel on a whim. I just love Beatrix Potter and thought to myself as I got the panel... "This is for my next baby." So happily, I do get to use it!

Since I can sew now, I am planning on making all the baby's bedding with the exception of the few green, yellow, and white sheets I still have on hand, as well as one PBK organic sheet I got on sale. I am hoping to start soon after I finish DD's costume, quilt bindings, and dress. But who knows? I still feel so back and forth health and energy wise. However in the end, the baby will be sleeping with us in our room for most of their first few months so time is not of the essence :) 

So here is to turning a corner this week. I have a bunch of blog posts lined up for this week about our co-op goings on last week and some thoughts I have on my mind. 

At any rate, have a great night, and if you have any quilt and nursery ideas- send them my way! 

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