Monday, September 9, 2013

Apple Crafting

We are now 3 weeks into our new school year. We're still focusing on apples, squirrels/chipmunks, and Autumn over here. And boy is it fun!!

Each week I try to make 1 big craft and then smaller ones each day. Our smaller ones might including painting, modeling beeswax, baking bread, or  paper crafts. A big one is more involved, costs a bit more, and last longer. 

Our first week we made an apple print burlap banner. We cut open our apples, talked about the star, cut the burlap, made our prints, and then sewing and glued the banner. 

The second week we made wooden play apples. We learning that apples only really come in 3 colors or a combination of them. We learned about Johnny Appleseed. And then we painted our own apples and made them felt leaves with real stems. 

This week we'll be making apples pot to hold treasures- or treats. I will be back later on to show them to you. 

Thankfully it is also starting to look like Fall here. Some leaves are falling and beginning to change. It is less humid and a tad cooler. Our science unit this season is on trees. I personally am sick of not knowing what kind of tree I am looking at for the most part when I am out on a walk. So I thought Autumn is a good time to learn the tree in our neighborhood and we could do it together. We bought a Fandex Family Field Guides: Trees to help us. It is a GREAT tool for kids. I like field guides but it is hard for them to use at this age. The fandex is easy and they love it. Deirdre is always taking it out to play in case she finds fallen leaves to identify which tree they came from! 

Ah be still my little heart!

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  1. I love your apple crafts so far. Sounds like a great 3 weeks to kick off your school year!

    Where did you find the wooden apples to paint?

    1. Thanks Heather! I got them on ETSY :) Very cheap!

    2. Thanks, I just ordered some!

      Also, your banner inspired me and today we made an apple stamped Autumn banner. It is chilly and rainy out. It was the pefect day to make it! We used a textured brown paper and I cut out 8 squares. My daughter spelled out "a u t u m n" on 6 of the squares, and then stamped a red apple and green apple on the remaining two. We used a hole punch and strung the banner on twine with a few bells and one flower bead. We are going to hang it tonight when my husband gets home from work.

      I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration :)

    3. How sweet Heather! I am so so happy to hear that we inspired you :) That is a great idea. We might have to do our own to hang in the kid's room. Let me know if that wood apples turn out well! xoxo

  2. Oh I LOVE apple crafts. Wonderful post! I really like the apple bunting banner. Be well.


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