Saturday, October 12, 2013

Apple Traditions

This year was our 4th year going apple picking and our 3rd year picking at Carter Mountain. The first two years that we picked there, we went with my best friend Anya and her kiddos. Ironically both times we went one of us was pregnant. Yeah we're just kinda crazy like that. We did co-op together for 2 years as well. She moved this past summer to Northern VA- so she's about 2 1/2 hours away. Which just bites, but it could be worse. My other best friend Courtney lives in NY, which is even harder. Gah. But I digress. While I had a great time picking, needless to say, I missed my friends.

I wanted to pick sooner in the month but the apples took longer to ripen this year. So we ended our month of September with apple picking. It was nice to go and have the kids spouting off what they learned about apples or tellings stories about them. At one point Deirdre was convinced that she saw September and heard Mrs. Brambley sing- from our monthly book "Christopher's Harvest Time". 

Jonas was no nonsense about picking. I think he ate close to 5 while we were there and then 2 more on the way home. That boy loves his fruit. Brynna on the other was in food heaven. She just kept gobbling up the apples happily. She immediately knew what we were doing and was more than happy to help pick and add to mama's basket, as well as sneak a few out! Deirdre was more fastidious. She wanted to save her apples for pie, candy apples, and applesauce. God bless her. She takes preserving our food seriously and worries about how much we'll have for the winter, ha! 

Not that I don't. My goal has always been for the past few years when we go picking is to save as much as we can so we don't have to buy fruit out of season. I'd love to get to the point where we can pick all of our fruit but we're not there yet. We blew through our frozen cherries, strawberries and blackberries- even though I picked more than I ever have this past year. We have one big bag of frozen peaches left. We also have only 2 of the dozen jars of strawberry preserves left thanks to my sweet husband who I think has a jam addition. I mean who puts jam in their drinks?? Gah! That's what i get for cutting out juice. Oh and the blueberries didn't even last a month! Jonas broke into the freezer one night and polished off almost half a bag. 

But we should have lots of apple goodies to help us through. We've already made apple pie, apple, pancakes, apple cobbler, and candy apple slices. The rest I have hidden for applesauce and butter! Both of which I make totally in my crockpot! 

So how do you all make your applesauce or butter? Do you have Fall traditions each year? If so what are they? I'd love to know and share! Also I'd love to hear any nighttime photos tips you all might have. My nighttime photos alway looks so yuck!

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  1. I'm 2.5 hours south of you. :-) I make apple butter this way: Sometimes I puree it and sometimes I just mash it with a potato masher.

    For traditions, we visit our orchard a lot, though we let them pick the apples. We also have a list of places to see while the leaves are colorful. And our local molasses festival. I think we'll miss it this year, but there's always the next.

    1. Wow Brandy, how cool that we're both in VA! I have never heard of a molasses festival. How neat! Have you checked out this site: ? I am loving it. I have lived in VA all my life and am just discovering tons of new things to do. We've got a neat state.

    2. Our part of the state gets left out of a lot of lists, but we do have wonderful festivals--molasses, maple syrup, ramps, and so on. Pretty much anything west of Roanoke is under the radar of tourism sites. There is so much to do here, though, and I have spent my whole life just ten minutes from the Appalachian Trail. Check out my Forgotten Virginia tag if you get a chance. :-)

    3. Brandy! I just commented on your other comment on the Owl and Bat post! I am LOVING your blog!

  2. What a fun fall tradition!! I love it! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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