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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Time :: Holding onto Both the Good and the Bad

Sometimes, some days, are just beautiful. 
They might have though beginnings, they might be heavy days. But they're still beautiful. 
A moment here, a smile there, a gift in between those times helps center me. 
It helps to slow me down. 
It allows me to recenter myself on the long narrative of my life and what I am doing here, versus being caught up in the little heavy moments-which are fleeting at best. 
Not to escape the hard parts of my life, rather to hold them in both hands and acknowledge the good with the bad. 
This blog, this place, these photos helps me to hold onto the good. 
They allow to me to come to this place during the bad and see both when I need it the most. 
I've had a few tough bouts this week and last. Going to the beach with the kids and Craig helped me to recenter.
So as I look back on those moments and share them here with you, I felt led to write about what goes thorough my head when I look at them versus what we did at the beach. 
It was a lovely time. A bright spot in that day. 
And I thank the Lord for sending me that gift in the midst of darkness.