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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going green is hard indeed!

Ah yes going green. The phrase that haunts me at night. Not really- but I have recently been devoting a lot more time than normal on what that means for our family. I am by no means an environmentalist (but that is not because I wouldn't want to be one) and due to studying history in college, I am not well versed on the whole going green movement. However our family feels called to be good stewards of our earth and so we have recently chosen to make some practical 'green' changes in our home and daily life. And let me tell you these were not easy changes for us. I did not cloth diaper my first child and just this March switched my second over (for eco and money reasons). But now we do recycle, compost, buy organic and local when we can, donate vs. landfill, freecycle, garden, keep chickens, and cloth diaper. All of the above things we enjoy doing.

But what is the difference between going green and just being safe? I hate to be an alarmist, but the more I read about the chemicals in our plastics, toys, clothes, on/in our food, and in our mattresses even- I can't help but feel overwhelmed. The research I have to do as a consumer sometimes due to compaines' deceptive labeling amazes me. There has to be a law against that right? And then on I go...!

At any rate, I really do not want to hear the whole "well you turned out fine" argument. Sure I am 'fine' minus chronic bronchitis and starting my period way too young. But I would rather be "safe than sorry" when it comes to what goes in or near my babies and myself. I believe it is important to be an empowered consumer to make smart choices for your family. Granted not everyone feels this way and thats cool. To each his own. Every little bit counts.

Some of our awesome cloth diapers. We love them- poop and all.  
And Jonas' bum is much happier.

When a baby sleeps this close to the mattress who can't help wondering, "Is it safe?"

But if I ever see you littering on MY beach in MY hometown- you'll get an earful from this Momma!

No Daily Verse Today- Why don't you share yours with me? Quotes count too. It does not need to be religious! 

Resources for mamas to check on Safety and Green issues:
A great source for quick reputable references on safe products for our kids and ways to go green. Turns out Johnson and Johnson does NOT make the cut!
I love this site. Its a working group so there is no bias. Just plug in your cosmetics' name and you can check what is in it and how safe it is.
In their words, "the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition is working with Congress to repair our broken chemical system so that chemicals are proven safe before being added to our homes, schools, and places of work." Check them out and sign on!