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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Corners of my home: Dreamland

A Kinderkram mobile from Bella Luna Toys

Since I was a child I always had a 'dream' home and 'dream' room floating around in my head. Not that I was fixated on either, they were just nice little ideas and fantasies. Nothing that I pinned my hopes on, just fun. I have to say however that the house we're in now is pretty darn close to that dream home. However I'd still take that castle in Chamonix please fairy Godmother! 

After fixing up the FROG, I set about collecting items for the children's shared room. Their room is the closest reflection to my 'dream' room as a child- PLUS it actually has my old childhood furniture in it. Cool right?

As a child I was really into the ocean and that obsession has remained. I also, for the sake of full disclosure, was really into warrior princess types and since Cinderella did not do it for me I'd just modified the characters into my liking. Maybe that's where Deirdre gets her crazy imagination from? Oh I also was big into mermaids, gnomes, and faeries. I think I believed in them longer than I did in Santa. I also believe this played into why I studied folklore in college. Ah but again I digress...

SO my inspiration for the children's room was a good mix between my own dream room, their likes, and Waldorf. I kept a few items from their old room, got new comforters (just a comforter not a bedset), a rug, lambskins, canopies, mobiles, and wall art. That's it! I am very happy with the result. The rest of the items in the room were ones we already had. I bought no new furniture for their rooms. 

I wanted their room to be a simple dreamland. No toys and just a few books. Just a calm, warm, and loving place for them to rest their heads and snuggle. So far its been a success! So enjoy the photos of their room. Also thank you for reading.  Jenny K- you are not a small fry to me. I consider you a dear friend :) Thanks for being a part of my life. <3

Deirdre's Bed- the mobile is hanging at the foot of her bed

Fabric from their curtains: The Owl and the Pussycat, my favorite childhood book. Homemade my myself and Omi.

Her Kinderkram Moon Angel Mobile from Bella Luna Toys

Her wall art. A quote from the first book we ever read to her. We say this to her and Jonas every night before they go to bed! 

The other side of the room- Jonas! (His mobile is also hanging at the foot of the bed)

Jonas' big boy bed and packnplay. He sleeps in both, but primarily he naps in the packnplay. 

Jonas got the same wall art but in dark blue and red. 

Jonas' shooting star mobile. Also Kinderkram from Bella Luna Toys! 

The bed with all his lovies and babies! Jonas sleeps on top to the lambskin with just his knit blankies. 

Close up of his mobile! 

Daily Verse or Quote: 
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. – Psalm 18:2 (NIV)

Also dear friends, Craig and I have decided to open our home this year to a few children for a home preschool (Waldorf of course)! We are very excited. Please pray that if this is the Lord's will, that the right children would come our way and that this would be a loving and rich experience for all involved! I want to continue to stay home with the kids and this would help us continue to do so and not have it be too much of a stretch financially in our new house! Thank you!