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Friday, May 13, 2011

The lighting of my fire

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." 
 W.B. Yeats

I have once again neglected my blog. With the busyness of finishing up my semester, exams, and my impending graduation this weekend, oh and my family... I have been swamped with life's happenings! 

Since I was very young it was always expected of me that I would attend college and graduate. It did not matter really what I studied to an extent, but not going to college wasn't an option. I was always a bright student with drive. And to this very day I still absolutely love to learn, which was partially imparted to me by my Grandfather - but it mostly is a gift from God. 

High school was a breeze and college was too in retrospect. I have always been a good student. But life is not easy nor is it something I am good at yet :)  When I got pregnant with Deirdre, college got harder. Even then I still made Dean's List and did well. I worked hard and I am happy to say I (as well as the village whom helped me) did earn my degree. Yes it did take longer and yes I did screw up along the way, but one awesome husband and two darling kids later, I do have the elusive degree.  

I suppose what I am trying to get at is that while I did learn a lot at CNU in the grand scheme of life my degree is just a piece of paper- an expensive one at that! I met my husband, by God's grace, on my first day at CNU. I just am so ridiculously blessed to even have the opportunity to go to college when so many around the world are denied education, even in my backyard- let alone to also finish. Degree or no degree, I am still God's beloved daughter. During these past 6 years I have grown tremendously in my faith, marriage, and motherhood. I have never worked harder on anything in my life than those three things. And while in this life I will not receive accolades for those three, I will in the next. And that is worth the work and the wait. 

So all in all once my call to stay at home with my kids is not  as strong I will use my degree in one tangible way or another. I am extremely grateful for the whole of my college experience and I believe I am a better world citizen for it. The things I have seen, studied, and learned in college  are so rich and amaze me to this day. 

My fire has been lit and I am content to close the book on this season of life. But the best lesson I have learned is that God is indeed faithful and good. 

Goodnight! Gute Nacht! Bonne nuit! Vale! صبح على الخير my friends!

Baking my first apple pie with Craig. Taken November 2005 when we first started dating! 

PS: Not to mention, my professors at CNU ( & VCU) ROCK. Drs. Kreydatus, Hamilton, Gustafsson, Spalding, Pollio, Adamitis, Carter, Puacas, and Hyland (even though I know you won't see this), you all made my time at CNU rich and memorable. You all were the lighting of my fire. Everything I learned there that was worthwhile I learned from you all collectively. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Some of the places CNU helped me visit through grants for research!

Mount Blanc's Glacier - Chamonix France
The view of Mount Blanc and the glacier from my Gite- Chamonix France
Carcassonne France

The Burren, Co Clare, Ireland 

A restaurant outside Fes Morocco 

My gifts from college ;)