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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer's Flight

Nature's bounty from our garden today. Cherry tomatoes, an heirloom tomato, and raspberries! 

These past two days seem to have flown by. Summer seems to be flying by as well. And that is ok with me. I love summer but when time flies for us, it means that we are having fun. Yesterday we took a family trip to the Children's Museum of Virginia. After about 2 years of renovations, it finally re-opened. I took us about an hour to get there due to traffic, but the trip was worth it. They had exhibits for every age and interest. They even had a baby play room for Jonas. Jonas' favorite exhibit by far was the fire station. In it, they had fake fires that you had to put out and a life size firetruck cab to climb into. Even when we were in other exhibits close by, Jonas would BLOT back to the fireman's exhibit. Deirdre, well she loved everything. She was in heaven and was enamored about spending one on one time with her Daddy. Sweet bliss. 

Back to the subject of the summer flying by and Jonas. My baby is turning 15 months old on the 10th! He is walking, signing, and talking like a wild man. He really understands just about everything I say to him. I love seeing the little light bulb go off in his head. His personality is just blossoming and I feel like I can barely keep up. Its a new thing each day. Time just keeps flying by... 

With Deirdre its more subtle now. Her imagination, maturity, interests, complex thought processes are also blossoming. She is developing a sense of responsibly and also is learning how to fib (as all children do at this age). Fortunately Craig and I take all these changes with stride. Both our kids have such beautiful and strong spirits. Just like us! 

Right now, I am just feeling overwhelmed with joy. I am lavished with blessings from God through my husband and kids. I love being able to take a step back with this blog and just marvel at my life and what it has become. 

So dear summer, you have my permission to fly by. But please allow us sweet moments to savor and pause at while our babies are still babies. 

Daily Verse or Quote:
"Kiss your children now for soon they'll swim away" 

Crafty Goodness:
Tonight I finished a baby doll quilt for my daughter's doll "Vera" and knit doll booties. The quilt used scrap fabric from Deirdre's gnome quilt- so they will match! I will post a tutorial tomorrow for both. It was very very easy.