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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Lammas Lady and Festival

Our Lammas lady made by Armadillo Dreams

Lammas Verse

Bless the growing of the grain,
Bless the falling of the rain,
Bless the flower and fruit and tree,
Bless the sun that shines down on me!

Taken from All Year Round

Our story book for the month of August

Our Festival Table

Our circle time books for all of August 

Our Lammas Verse

Our circle time for today

Making Wheat dolls

Jonas preferred to make 2 wheat trees for his train tracks! 

Deirdre's wheat dolly! 

Using the cut off stems to make a picture and drawing on the wheat stalks

This is the best bread to make with kids! 

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Today we celebrated our first Lammas! Lammas was one of the last festivals I have incorporated into our yearly rhythm. For the past 2 out of 3 summers, we've been moving in August so I really had no time to do one before now. 

I love harvest time and Lammas seemed pretty natural for us to celebrate. Our garden is bursting and we spent the last month picking tons of our own fruit and berries. We've been canning and baking up a storm. It just fits in so well. 

So to celebrate we made wheat dolls using yarn, wheat, raffia, felt, and glue. We also made a harvest loaf- which was very easy and fun- it just took various step through the morning to do.

We also had a special circle time and festival table set up. We talked about being thankful to God for our bounty and I told them about how Lammas was celebrated before we could just go to the grocery store for our bread! It was a neat way to start of August. So for this month, even though Lammas is over tomorrow, we will be talking about harvests as well as reading 'The Sun Egg'. Our Lammas lady will be going on little adventures with us and we learn more about how farmers harvest their crops and how we use that food in different ways. 

I hope you all had a lovely day too! Do you celebrate Lammas? If so I;d love to hear how you do it!

Harvest Blessings,