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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Past Few Days and Weeks...

... have been a blur of finally getting over hyperemesis. 
(to then only come down with a nasty cold.)
...have been filled with Halloween costume sewing, co-op crafting, pumpkin picking, and birthday celebrating! 
(yes I am now comfortably in my mid twenties) 
...have been filled with many many precious moments with my children despite the above cold and holiday frenzies.
(which makes me really want to hit the pause button)
....have been a time of tremendous growth for me spiritually and physically.
(Yep the baby is moving and bouncing, not to mention I had to pull out some maternity clothes)
... have finally been filled with a sense of peace amid life's ebb and flow. 

So enjoy our many many family photos below from our photo shoot. I tried and tired to upload them to silly facebook but it would not let me. So I wised up and just put them here! 
I promise to be in this place more now that I feel better and have more time and energy. I have missed this!