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Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Adieu to Autumn

Ah my favorite time of year- next to the holidays- Autumn! I am not sure what it is exactly about this season that I love so much. As a child and teen Summer was my favorite time of year by far since I lived at the beach.

I have spent some time recently reflecting on why I love the Autumn so much now. I believe my new found love is because it was during Autumn six years ago that I fell in love with my husband. Something about the first crisp breeze and the smell of fallen leaves just brings me subconsciously back to that time. 

I also now do not live close to the ocean and spend most of my Summer keeping the little ones sunburn and bug bite free. Our last Summer in Virginia was long and sweltering with a ridiculous amount of mosquitoes to top it all off. Autumn is just a break from that for us. We can go outside and spend hours out there, not having to worry about sunscreen or bug spray (none of which I really like using on my kids, even the toxin free kinds). My kids also notice the seasons changing more acutely now that they are a bit older, and they too love the rhythm of our days this time of year- before the holiday craziness. 

So as another Autumn ends, I am sad to see it go. This one, as lovely and short as it was, holds a special place in my heart. 

My son discovered his love of puzzles and how to say yes and no in his own way. His personality just keeps budding and I love every bit of it. I also love how much he still loves and needs me. I won't ever complain about that. 

My daughter continues to soak and bathe in the new knowledge that she is gathering about our world and our God at co-op. Her creativity continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Deirdre's new favorite thing to do is make up songs and crafts. She also is impartial to her baby dolls and playmobil these days. 

My husband continues to amaze me with his steadfast work ethic despite conflicts at work. He totally pampers me and adores our kids. He also took the lead in our first joint attempt at producing our own meat- thanks to our male goose. It was a respectful success and endued a new sense of respect in me for him and our animals. 

And finally my unborn child continues to grow and thrive despite my rough hyperemesis at the beginning of my pregnancy. This little one is kicking up a storm much to my relief and delight. I cannot wait to meet this new precious soul. This also makes 3 out of 4 Autumns that we've been married in which I have been pregnant. So maybe that is another reason I love Autumn? 

At any rate, I am sure my time in this place will continue to be sporadic but hopefully more regular now that I feel better. However with the holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays looming, who knows? 

Blessings, Nicole 

Daily Verse or Quote: 
“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”