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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Rhythm and Baby Bunnies

Ah hello my long lost friends! It feels like forever since I've been back in this place. I've been blissfully enjoying my newborn baby and soaking in all her sweet goodness. Maybe since she is my third baby and most likely our last, I finally realize how fleeting babyhood is? The newborn stage is so short and really one of my favorite stages- so it is so wonderful to sit back and cut out the rest of life's busyness. 

However really with three children now under five I am finding it is a bit impossible to really get a lot of rest. But I don't mind since my recovery has been fantastic and co-sleeping helps a lot with getting better sleep. While this labor was much longer than my others and Brynna's pregnancy had a lot of ups and downs (primarily my hyperemesis), it is so surprising just how great I feel. I mainly attribute my feeling so well to my lovely OB who really made sure I had a great delivery as well as the placenta encapsulation that I had done. I highly recommend placenta encapsulation and if you're interested in more information this site will answer all your questions. Also if you're local to Hampton Roads I can connect you with my encapsulation specialist- her site is here! Again I could go on and on about how great I think encapsulation but I guess it can be summed up for me by the simple fact that at four days postpartum I did not physically feel like I had a baby at all!

But on to the fun stuff :) Before and after delivery I have still been crafting and sewing. I finished with the help of my mother-in-law Brynna's Beatrix Potter quilt. I also completed knitting the oat fields and baby chicks for the knitted farm swap I am participating in! I also have a bunch of fun sewing projects lined up as well as the beginnings of a fairy garden. 

Baby Brynna continues to just amaze me. She is such a calm sweet baby. Really she is the perfect baby for a Momma with a two year old boy! Jonas and Deirdre are smitten with her and life goes on just as it did before with no jealousy issues that I can see. 

I am just so excited to get back into the swing of things but at the same time I am also happy to embrace a totally new family rhythm for my new family of five. I am so very blessed. 

Always, Nicole 

PS: the day Brynna was born, we woke up to find a litter of baby bunnies in our bunny hutch! Hoppy Peter and Brownie welcomed two babies into our growing home. I think it so neat that they share a birth day with Brynna and that her nursery is bunny themed to boot. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Nook for Our Little One

Has it been a week already since my last blog? Shame on me for not being in this place more. Truly, I had lots of blog ideas floating around in my head but alas a little nook was calling to me, and demanded my attention. 

I am happy to say that for all intensive purposes my baby's nursery is complete. I even finished the Beatrix Potter quilt today. It was very surreal to see if all stitched up, given I chose this fabric for my unborn child before I was even pregnant. 

All in all, I am quite happy with this room. When I walk in I feel calm, content, and peaceful- all the things I want for my baby. We were lucky when it came to room color on this one since the room was already this color when we moved in! I have always been a fan of yellow. Even though green in my favorite color, I still prefer yellow or blue on walls. Go figure, eh? 

The theme that I wanted for this room is Peter Rabbit. However it really turned out have more of a meadow/bunny vibe- which I am totally fine with! I think themes can feel a bit contrived at times. I also wanted to incorporate some Waldorf into this room, as I did for Deirdre and Jonas. Simple, natural, beautiful, and pure... yes I think I did squeeze a bit of Waldorf in there :) 

I am happy to say that besides a few exceptions, most of the room is second hand or crafted (I splurged on the valances and canvas art though, shhhh!) I even had one very sweet college friend see my blog and remember I was doing a Peter Rabbit theme. So when she was cleaning out her Grandmother's closet, she set aside a lovely yellow blanket and a HUGE box of fabric for me. I used lots of it too, and will continue to. The fabric is in the hoops on the wall over the crib and I hung the blanket over the bookcase. So thank you sweet Emily :) 

Once the quilt is quilted, (I am sending it off to be top-stitched by my local long-arm quilt lady) I will post a photo and tell you more about it. I have to say it was not my easiest quilt, lots of very close stitching, but it is made with love (and the quilt lady's top-stitching covers lots of little boo-boos that were too small to pull apart and fix, but just big enough to bother you)! 

But that is enough about the room. I think the photos speak for themselves. Lots of love went into this space from Craig, the kids, and I. Oh and if you look closely enough, you'll see bits of art Deirdre and Jonas have made and then crept up into the room and left in there for the baby. Talk about melting my heart! 

So until baby is ready to sleep in this space (since baby sleeps with Mama for quite awhile), this room will happily wait for her. 

Wishing you all a blessed weekend!

Always, Nicole 

I love this knit rug. It reminds me of soft meadow grass.  The sheet is organic  and has a cute Peter Rabbit print on it. 

The rocker will go in that corner once I can bribe someone to move it there for me!  I also still need to put some goodies on the shelves. I have time, right? Any ideas? 

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Also thank you for the love Lysa! Lysa featured my blog in her post today. I am honored :) Feel free to stop by Lysa's Reviews and say hi to her! She write some great reviews!