Saturday, August 6, 2011

Introducing Our New Home

Well I am back from my respite my dear friends! I must admit that I did miss the internet, not the TV so much, but most definitely this space. Soon hopefully we will be getting rid of their TV altogether. This week has just re-solidified why we do not need or really use it all that much. The only reason we still have it is really for Craig. After a LONG 8 hour plus night shift, he likes to watch his TV. And I totally support that. But I digress...

As mentioned before, we are moved! What a crazy and blessed experienced that was. We had so many lovely people and dear friends helping us. We began at 8am and we were done and mostly unpacked by 3pm. Seriously I am so indebted to these dear souls. The love Craig and I felt on that day will stay with us for years to come. 

Our move was across town, so we are still in VA. I can see the James River from my window and I am walking distance from my old university. The house we are in belongs to our church friends. We are renting from them for the next three years. While we could have bought a home this move, we could not have bought the kind of home that we'd be happy to own. So we are going to wait and save for as bit longer and then hopefully in three years we can find our forever earthly home. But truly we are so blessed as it is and in the end a house is temporal and just a dwelling. I'd prefer to pin my hopes on something greater than that. :) 

The new house however is stunning. I cannot lie, it also is huge. 3400 square feet and tennis court in the back yard huge. The poor kids get lost in it and this it too much room for us, so we won't be using it all really. But I am not going to complain. I plan on filling this house with friends and family as often as I can for as long as we have it! I also want to begin a Waldorf homeschool co-op this Autumn, so this place will be perfect if that plan comes to fruition. 

At any rate I will leave you all now. The kids are fabulous. We are having no regression issues and they are both sleeping happily in the same room (photos to come). We have found our rhythm and routine in this new place and I am in love. See you all tomorrow! 

Many blessings from mine to yours, 

PS: My tutorial is getting published! I am quite excited! I will let you all know when is comes out and where to find it! 


  1. Oh Nicole, the house is wonderful! You are such a blessed family. I am so happy for you as you settle into your routine in your new home. Congratulations!

  2. Amazing!! It looks like it'll be a wonderful place for the kids, what, with the river nearby and being such a spacious plot. I'm glad the move went well--enjoy the place!

  3. Love the view, can't wait to see pics of inside the house! do you get a whole craft room? that'd be awesome :)

  4. Jess, why thank you we are blessed!

    Greg, thanks! Once we are truly settled- party at our place!

    Amy, Yes I do get a whole craft room. I am spoiled. I will take photos of the presentable rooms, and add more later once we are all unpacked! :)


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