Monday, August 22, 2011

::right now::

A rich tradition birthed by Soulemama

Right Now, I am ...
:: reveling in these last few days of summer. Each year it seems to creep by more quickly and then end just as abruptly. 
:: realizing that today is the first time in six years that I have not had to go back to CNU, think about CNU, or prepare to go back to classes.   
:: feeling so grateful that I am done with my degree. But I must admit that I am sad as well. I do love to learn. 
:: also feeling satisfied that I was able to surf while on vacation after a two year hiatus. I think I did pretty well since I have two kids now. But most importantly I had fun. 
::appreciating the delightful and peaceful vacation that we had. I can't wait for next year. 
:: anticipating a lovely Autumn. My friend Anya and I will be doing a Waldorf homeschool co-op together and I am so excited. 
:: loving the eggs I am getting daily, plus they're huge now!
:: laughing at the birthday party we had tonight. I received a dragon and a pumpkin wrapped in a quilt form Deirdre with wooden ice cream cake to boot.  It was quite random and fun. I love her imagination. PS: My birthday is in November! 
:: enjoying a slow week start. I need to remember to slow down more often. 
:: thanking my mother for paying for our beach house vacation. She is quite a character and full of generosity. 
:: remembering that today six years ago was the first time I met my husband while he was perusing the freshman dorm rooms on move-in day. It all seems like a happy dream from a lifetime ago. We are so blessed. 
::wishing you and yours a bright and rich week! 


  1. Happy six year anniversary! ;-) Dennis drew a big sun on his calendar on the day he met me. I always think of that when life gets a little hairy. I'm glad this day brings you such a joy.

  2. Aw that Dennis. What a sweet idea. Makes my heart melt! Can't wait to see you later this week!

  3. Great photos. I too an looking forward to autumn.


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