Friday, February 10, 2012

{this moment}... and a happy birthday to my son

Minutes old

 Dear Sweet Emil Jonas, 

Two years ago you came into this world with your eyes wide open. What a blessing you were and still are to this day. You helped me become a better stronger mother to not only you, but also to your older sister too. You showed me just how great my capacity for love was and how a mother's love really knows no bounds. 

All my worry about how I could love another child as much as I loved my first vanished when I held you in my arms. Now as we all get ready to welcome another new baby into our family, I have no fears or worries because of what you have taught me. 

Oh sweet Jonas, we are just so so thankful to have you!! You brighten all of our lives. And boy are you so much fun, so brave, yet so tender. I am very excited to see where you go in this life.  It is a true privilege to be your mother. 

Love you to the moon and back, 

6 months- and his first non-breast-milk food

One Year Old at his first birthday party

a little over 18 months old


  1. Happy Birthday Dear Boy and Birth-day to you too Mama. I love what you wrote, so touching x x

    1. Thank you Laura! Boys sure are fun, aren't they?

  2. Such sweet photos!! Happy birthday to your little one, they grow up way to fast that's for sure!! My youngest one will be turning 2 next month and I am not ready to accept it!! Have a wonderful weekend!!
    P.S. I love his green eggs and ham bib..VERY CUTE!!

    1. Thank you :) I love those bibs. They're oilcloth and super easy to clean. I think every birthday of my kids' I cry a bit. It is a happy yet sad cry. Happy because they are so precious and I love them so but sad because the older they get the less they need me. Which is fine and as it should be, but I still mourn that change and embrace it. They do grow so quickly. I don't want to blink.

  3. Dear Nicole Elizabeth,
    Wow, it was Valentines Day yesterday in New Zealand.
    And the postman brought me a wonderful box of treasures from across the seas
    What delights a beautiful Gnome in a wee handmade felt bed, a sachet of sweet smells,a book on St Valentine and some lovely fabric and wee wool heart felts
    I am in heaven, they are made with love,and care,
    Many thanks
    Love and light Marie

    1. Oh wonderful Marie!! I am so happy it arrived on time. We received yours about two weeks ago and treasure our Valentine felt angel, knitted heart ornament, and postcards. Right now the angel is sitting happily on top of our Valentine tree and the postcards are on our nature table with the heart. I really enjoyed this swap and getting to make such neat connections around the world. I hope you have a lovely day and that you and your Grandkids enjoy the goodies!

      Blessings, Nicole

  4. Gorgeous pics! And Happy Birthday!! It is amazing to be blessed with little ones x


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