Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rhythm of the Home Is Live... and We're in it!

Hello dear long lost friends! 

I promise to be back to blogging soon. You see, since I last touched base we've been busy. Isn't funny how having a sick baby, tackling Jonas' speech issues, taking vacations, finding a new home (long story there...) planning and starting homeschool, oh and just LIFE in general seems to pile up on you like that? Obviously blogging went by the wayside! 

In addition to all that loveliness (which truly we are blessed-so I don't mind the busyness), I have been working on two articles for Rhythm of the Home's Autumn edition! It went live today so I thought I'd pop in here to share them with you as well as a few photos from our first day of Kindergarten this week (or as Deirdre insists on calling it kinder "garden"! 

Simple Knitted Apples-

Celebrating Autumn: A Community Perspective (my blurb and photo is the second one down) 

So enjoy the articles and photos. And also thank you for your support and encouragement. It is really nice to exercise my mind and heart when contributing to ROTH. 



  1. oh NIcole, all the loveliness :-) your play space is so beautiful as the the wee ones playing there and your nature table is gorgeous :-) I can't help feeling a bit delighted that in a few short months I may spot a wee peak of Peter Pan playing there, nestled in with all the other beautiful toys you have. Nice to see you here again and I can't wait to go and check out your articles :-) x x x

  2. How lovely! Could you please share the title and author of the book on your beautiful nature table? I always look forward to your posts.



  3. So excited to see your new post in roth, its definitely a time for change, missed ya girl...

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  5. Hi Nicole,
    My family and I just moved to Newport News. We are going to begin Waldorf homeschooling and are coming from a Waldorf inspired Charter school in Northern California which is where we just moved from. We are schooling 1st grade and kinder. I read your post looking for other Waldorf families and wanted to get in touch with you. I am not sure if this is the best way or not. My email address is


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