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Friday, September 16, 2011

Preserving Blueberries

Daily Verse or Quote: 

You are not managing an inconvenience, you are raising a human being. Children reflect the treatment they receive. - Kittie Frantz

Despite feeling under the weather and forgetting about the pounds of blueberries in my freezer, I had a fabulous week. Fortunately I got my act together and had a preserving party with the kids yesterday afternoon. 

Deirdre and Jonas absolutely love to 'help' Mama. I put help in quotes because it's their intention and desire to help me, even if it actually slows me down. Nonetheless, I accept it with a smile and can see their eager heart behind it. 

The kids were able to help me add the sugar and lemon juice. They also got to help me get our jars ready and even stir the pot. But Mama had to do all the hot pouring and smashing in my mixer. I broke my mixer early this year. It is a dear wedding present from my home-group and thanks to my Father-in-law it works again! BUT I now am much more careful with it- which means the kids don't get to touch it or its buttons. But they do not mind. Since we practice Love and Logic at home and they get lots of other options in their day, they do not mind it when I make a choice for them. 

So here are the photos of our results. I use a my own improved pectin free recipe so my preserves stay in the fridge, but I like it that way. Preserving that day was a nice trip down memory lane of our blueberry picking trip and a great reminder of God's great and generous provision for us and especially my family. 

Also (just for the record- yep I am about to go on another tangent) while I am positive on my blog about my home life and my kids, we do have our struggles. I do get frustrated with them and I do at times feel overwhelmed. These times pass and I move on quickly since I have a God given peace. So in this place I choose not to dwell on them. This is a honest place of positive reflection. Because when I look back on my day, the little two minute long fight my kids had over the crayon does not color the rest of the great time they played together for over an hour. And even in my worst moments with my kids, I do not think (as a mature adult) that gives me the right call my children names or to cuss at them or to verbally abuse them.  

So if you came to this place to find this, I am sorry to disappoint you. I've been on the receiving end of verbal abuse and other abuse as a child and its no fun. And being 'real' about parenting in my book does not include that. But feel free to stick around if you'd like to know more about being a compassionate, quirky, loving, and intentional parent. I am a huge mess but by God's daily grace I sure do try my best!