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Saturday, December 17, 2011


In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.  
~William Blake

Two winter gnomes, the red has mistletoe on his back and the blue has the nativity star.  Inspired by Wee Folk Art!
A new creation. A stuffed felt mushroom wood table for the gnomes. 

Drooly from teething! 

Fresh cranberry and dried orange garland. 

We are certainly busy over here. Quite a few last minute gifts that need to be completed for the kids. My Christmas cards are finally all addressed and stamped. They'll go out on Monday. 

However amid this self imposed hustle, I found time with Jonas today to string some garland. He sure loved helping and he is quite precise for an almost 2 year old. Poor fellow though, he is getting his 2 year molars in right now. No fun for Christmas. 

We also gave Deirdre an early present today, a new pet Dutch rabbit. She named him 'Hoppy'. He is only six weeks old and adorable. He is inside with us in a cage for a few weeks until he is older. He was just weaned. Hopefully he will fill the hole in her little heart that Snow White- the hen which a predator got- left. 

My broody mother hen, Precious, still seems to be a good mother hen and is setting on the nest. Please pray that this lasts. I would really hate to see the entire clutch go bad. 

Tomorrow is Deirdre's official birthday, even though we celebrate it earlier in the month. She is spending the day with her Omi and Grandfather. They are going to a special kids concert. I should have some time then to finish up her  and Jonas' quilt (plus some other goodies). Then on Monday I am taking her ice skating. Really it is Craig who will be skating with her.  I think this pregnant lady needs to stay away from the ice. 

I hope you all are having a relaxed and productive weekend too! Feel free to share the gifts you're working on! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekending: Kimono

The PJs

This weekend has been filled with busyness, love, sun, and joy. Friday I got to have some great sewing time with my mother-in-law, whom helped me make my way through the Oliver and S storytime kimono pajamas! The pattern was easy once I had someone help me through it and translate the lingo for me. The pattern had us do the sleeves a new way- which now I really like since they're much easier than the previous ways I had done them. Once I am done with my other projects (Red Ridinghood cape, log cabin quilt, quilt bindings) I will make some more for the kids. 

Saturday was a glorious day at the beach with my mother and the kids. Everyone got along and the kids loved the ocean. Plus I have been craving the ocean- literally. The ocean was such a staple of my childhood and teen years. Most of my happy memories involve the ocean in one way or another. And being able to share that love and connection with my kids is subliminal. 

So.... we went back today! Deirdre spent the weekend with Grandma Cindy and so instead of having my mom drop her off at our house, Jonas and I went down to the beach with them and then home (Craig was working a double). Again is was another great day and I even got to take Deirdre body boarding! 

Sunday was also a great day! I had my first log cabin quilting class at Bella Fabrics in Carollton! Ah I am so in love with the log cabin design, I am so excited to get cracking! 

So needless to say I am full, tired, and excited for this week. How was your weekend? 

My favorite thrift find

So excited for her Huffalump PJs