Friday, June 19, 2009

Exciting News

If you didn't already notice the right hand side of your screen then I will fill you in. I am pregnant! Our family is very excited. I am only about 4 weeks along and my due date is between February 26th- March 3rd, 2010. While this was not planned and is inopportune timing, we still are very happy and feel so blessed. I never thought that I would be a Mom again so soon but I guess God had other plans. I don't think the gravity of the news has really hit me yet. I love being Deirdre's Mom so much that I am a bit sad that in 8 months it won't just be me and her anymore (plus Craig of course!). But I am positive that everything will work out for the best.

Plus she will now be a big sister! I'm a big sister and I love my little brother dearly (btw. my little brother is now taller than me and can pick me up). This all will be exciting nonetheless. I guess I always just assumed that my children would be as spaced apart as my brother and I were. But there are pros and cons both ways.

As for finding out I was pregnant, I figured it out very very early on. After I switched my birth control I began to feel nauseous yet hungry all the time. Then my breasts started getting sore and I had weird cramping. Still being in denial I reluctantly bought a pregnancy test. 8 positive tests later I realized that I really was. I only told a few people and put off going to the doctor. But then finally I broke down and told Craig and the next day we went to the Doctor and had an ultrasound. That was the first time we saw our new baby. It was so exciting.

So here I am on the computer nauseous, crampy, and with sore breasts detailing this to you and thinking to myself, "only 8 more months to go!"

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