Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Living Museum and Staying Home

Today Deirdre and I went to the Virginia Living Museum. She as always was all over the place and being very cute. She brought in her "baby" (which is just a little plastic baby doll) and proceeded to tote it around with her the entire time. She even insisted on it riding in the stroller by itself when she was not in it. I was particularly impressed with her language development today though. At the museum she was able to say "owl", "tur-ture" (turtle), "fis" (fish), "frog", and "ott" (otter). She also was more adventurous than usual, even going as far as sticking her hand into the touch tank without prompting.

On Monday we went to YMCA pool with Omi. This was her first time swimming since winter. At first she was not a fan of the pool. But she very quickly adjusted and became more interested in kicking her feet. She also enjoyed jumping on the side of the pool and going under the water. It was hard to keep up with her once she got going. It’s amazing how fast an 18 m/o can run!

Craig started his new job today. We are really excited about this one; let's pray that it goes well. Soon we also have to move, or renew our lease for a year. I'm still split on what to do really. I like it here but... its unnecessarily expensive and I'd like to have a yard for Deirdre. So we'll see but we need to make a decision soon since its up 7/16/09!

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