Saturday, June 27, 2009

Settling into a Routine

Deirdre and I had a great day today. Craig made us some yummy lunch and she and I played inside and then took a walk later on. Our walks always turn into little adventures. Recently she loves to get out of her stroller and then push it all by herself. It is extremely cute to watch and amusing since she can't really push it straight without help. We always bring some bread along with us too. Inevitably we see a squirrel or duck and get to feed it. However Deirdre hasn't quite figured out the whole feeding thing yet. She usually sits there and eats the bread while I feed the animals. She also is getting really good at climbing on the playground. I know that this is a very small and inane achievement but its so exciting to see she her learn and develop.

As for me, I feel very fatigued. This of course is not surprising since I'm pregnant. I mean I should have remembered what it felt like but nonetheless I'm shocked all over again. Its true what they say, every pregnancy really is different!

Off to prep for my Sunday school class (I get to teach the 3 year olds!!)!

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