Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Little Nephew

So my sister-in-law Kourtney and her husband Keith are in town with their 2 m/o son, Nathan. This is the first time that I have seen him since he was born, and boy is he cute and big! At 2 m/o he is probably already 15lbs. But this of course in a baby is a very good thing. He has dark hair and swarthy skin. His eyes are blue but they look like they are about to change color soon. And did I mention that he is cute!!! I was trying to remember what Deirdre looked like at 2 m/o and couldn't do it very well. So I looked back at some pictures and while she was cute, Nathan has definitely cuted up quicker than she did. I mean don't get me wrong, DD is absolutely adorable, but not so much when she was a newborn. However she was precious and of course to me was and is the most beautiful baby on the planet, but I do have to give Nathan props.

I went in on Tuesday for another dating ultrasound. So far I have not gained any weight and the baby looks to be growing fine. However Cheryl could not find the fetal stem and measure it. She did get a picture of the gestational sac and yolk sac, but no baby. This however is not uncommon since it is still so early and she assured me that everything looked good. I have another appointment on the 7th. I will be on vacation then, but I will come back for the day so I can go to it. I could wait but for my own peace of mind I want to go. Once I hear the baby's heartbeat, my fears will be assuaged.

In other news, Craig and I finally came to a decision on where we are going to live for the next two years. A missionary couple at our church is going into the field and are letting us rent their home while they are gone. We feel so blessed. The home is gorgeous and has lots and lots of room. It will be perfect for a growing family. Its also nice to know that we can be there for 2 years. I really am tired of moving every year. Since 2005 I have moved 6 times and while most of those were college dorm moves, it still is draining. I like feeling settled especially now since I have a toddler.

Deirdre is doing great. In the past two weeks she has gone to Busch Gardens twice! Pam bought us season passes and she absolutely loves it. I really enjoy it to. It is so fun much to watch your child just enjoying herself. Deirdre has also started to talk more now. Just the other day I told her to wash her hair in the bathtub and she said "was-h". I was so so excited. She can also say "good-girl", as well as "no-no-no". Oh the joys of speech!

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