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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving right along

Ah how I have missed this space! I think that I need to come up with a better weekly blogging plan if I am going to keep up an every day/every other day blog. I really am enjoying blogging. It keeps my mind and pen sharp. Plus its a great record for me and time to sort out my thoughts, and the Lord know that I need help with that

While I love to talk and write about just my kids and our family adventures, after awhile that seems a bit dull to me to recap day after day unless something of significant note occurs. I also like to share my ideas of the world, crafting, and issues that are near and dear to my heart like I did with miscarriage and green living. 

So starting next week the blog is going to look a little something like this: 

Monday: ::right now::
Tuesday: Crafting
Wendesday: Living
Thursday: Education
Friday: Mothering 
Saturday: Weekending
Sunday: {this moment}

While this might seem arbitrary and/or rigorous, its not meant to be. Like in all things I need a loose plan or guide. I always have done my best work with a prompt, so I will let this guide be my prompt so I can try my best to produce something of substance each day. Obviously I am a rebel and deviate from the norm at times *note my sarcasm here* , so I am sure I won't keep to this like a saint. However the guide seems to sum up what I talk about each week and looks good to me! 

So here is to a little reorganizing!

On the home front things are moving quite along. I have the kids' rooms planned out and the new things we need ordered. We've chosen paint colors from a nice low VOC green seal paint company and I have begun packing!!! 

I also have been finishing up on some more wood working projects and the quilt bindings to the kids' new big bed quilts. We also got a chance to go to the lagoon again this Sunday. Another glorious time was had by all. We still are so excited about finding this place. It is so neat to see Jonas and Deirdre playing together. And not side by side, but actually together! So enjoy the photos below. Tomorrow there will be a full report on my crafting adventures. 

Until then I wish you a blessed week of peace and joy! 

Playing together making sand cupcakes!!!! DD scooped and Jonas packed the sand! 

He loved finding treasures in the shallows. 

Love this one

I am ready to rock! 

Silly boy, he thinks he can swim but really what he is doing is giving his mother mini heart attacks as he slowly flops and bobs in the ankle deep water. At least he is having fun, right? 

Best feeling ever. Water and sand beneath my toes! 

Deirdre called them gnome homes! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

::right now::

Right now, I am... (a tradition birthed by SouleMama aka Amanda Blake Soule)

:: trusting in the Lord about my husband's work and job security. God has always provided for us exactly what we have needed and I need to not doubt that now. 
:: feeling a little helpless to help ease his stress. He works so hard for us and I have no control over how his day at work is. Not to mention I have been feeling a little sick... heat exhaustion probably! 
:: doing a lot of fun stuff with the kids to keep their minds off the fact that they have seen their father for only about 10 hours in the past ten days. 
:: beginning to pack up our home and transplant it in our new home in the next four weeks. Ah the excitement,  sadness, and memories all wrapped up in one this brings. 
:: sewing the finishing touches on Craig's suede apron and beginning pajamas! 
:: knitting (still) the Tomten jacket. Oy! I will not be defeated! 
:: missing my husband. He truly is my other half. Daily life with out him is just not as bright.
:: knowing that this is only a season in life. A quick fleeting season. Nothing more. 
:: wondering what fun things the kids and I can do tomorrow! I think water play of some sort is in order with Omi! 
:: eating much better now that I have a monthly meal plan, huge step forward there!
:: giggling at home since all my animals literally think I am their mother. And how they, like my kids, fight for unnecessarily my attention. 
:: loving my children and all of their new personality quirks. Walks by the fountain are so much fun with them! 
:: continuing to transition my home into a better rhythm amid this moving/working chaos. Good-bye chintzy plastic toys. Ah and yet it is so hard to let go when they cost so so much. Am I depriving my kids...? Stay strong, stay strong! 
:: appreciating the people in my life who help me out and pray for us. (Thanks MK, Chris, and our HG)
:: thanking the Lord for is all. The good and the bad. I am blessed and content. I am at peace. 
:: wishing you a blessed week and peace. 

Jonas had his 15 month check up today and he was a champ!

Daily Quote or Verse: 
Phil 4:6: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

::right now::

I wanted to have a gnome tutorial posted tonight but alas, life happened. My husband works night shifts generally, he is a sommelier and maitre'd, but tonight he actually had the night off! That was until another employee called in sick so he had to work a double. 

Oh well. So instead of having a rare family dinner- in our house we have to do family lunches- the kids and I had a picnic dinner in the park (since that was the most bearable time to be outside). I think it was about 90 degrees here today and no breeze. 

So tonight I will steal another SouleMama tradition of doing a 'right now' blog with promises of crafty goodness to come tomorrow. 

All done! 

The sleeping gnomes and owl

The flower fairies- but I might call them sprites. 

The were so much fun

From Amanda Soule's Book: The Creative Family. An art display rack. We were in desperate need of one and the best part is I found it thrifted. Then I sanded it and repainted it. Nice for $1 right? 

The Tomten Sweater and felt fairies in progress. 

And new embroidery that I cannot wait to start!!! 
right now, I am...
:: feeling hopeful and excited about our futures here in the Kleemann family. This summer will be a fun transition for all of us to a new home with lots of changes in store. 
:: cooking up ideas for the aforementioned new home. Places for thought and retreat for the entire family await us.  
:: loving my baby boy's sweet spirit and budding personality. He loves life and I wish I could remember to love life like he does more often. 
:: making a mess with paints galore. The art display rack, gnomes, fairies, and owls are all done. 
:: remembering just how much I miss living right next to the ocean on blistering peninsula summer days. 
:: marveling at my daughter's imagination and curiosity. Neither of which I can take any credit for and I like it that way
:: smelling the wet smell of the earth mingled with my tomato plants. That smell reminds me of my Grandfather
:: hearing a drove of cardinal fledglings eat the suet that we set up for them yesterday near the playroom window and being able to share that moment with Deirdre. 
:: relishing every milestone and moment at home with my kids. Seeing the world through their eyes is such a wondrous gift and I thank the Lord for allowing Craig and I to be their guide. 
:: wishing you and yours a lovely day and a beautiful start to your weekend!