Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Bunnies?!

Update: No babies as of tonight! 6/62011

Todays post will be short and sweet! After church today I went outside to check on the chickens and the bunnies in the new coop. Much to my shock and surprise, Duffy (Our new black Dutch) made a nest lined with her fur. I proceeded to watch her for a few minutes and indeed she was busily ripping out her stomach fur and making a straw nest. 

Obviously I was shocked. She does not look any different, so we will see what happens and then if babies do come, we will keep them all and promptly have the all spayed and neutered. 

About two months ago my husband noticed that Cicero (Our almost 7 year old 'female' lionhead rabbit -or so we thought) was looking kinda old. I have had her since 2006 and when I got her she was already 2 years old. I took her to the vet and he sexed her as a female and then gave her all the necessary shots. I chose to not have 'her' spayed because I was only planning on having one rabbit. Well a marriage and two kids later, Cicero is still with us. Craig worried that she would die soon and wanted to get another bunny so that it would not be so hard to the kids. Also let me just put this out here but at first he hated Cicero and Cicero hated him. Have you ever heard a rabbit growl? Well my husband has. Obviously Cicero wanted me all to 'herself'. But I digress! 

Anyway so off to the SPCA we go to adopt a sweet black Dutch female bunny. They did not spay her and we saw no reason to since Cicero was a girl. NOT! After we caught Cicero repeatedly mounting Duffy- we realized the vet had made a huge mistake. But since no babies came we assumed that Cicero- now a boy- was too old. 

So... we will see! My husband and I are excited to have more bunnies and to keep them all, so this should be a fun learning experience. Good thing that we have two coops and one hutch now. 

Cicero aka 'Fluffy'. My first baby in college. I was learning Latin when i got her so I named her Cicero. 

Daily Verse: 
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.
-Proverbs 17:17

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Coop

Finally at long last we have a secure coop for our brood. After last year's debacle with the local feral cat colony, we knew this year that we need a secure coop. 

Our new coop is very nice. It is cedar and has two levels, nesting boxes, an easy clean tray, and a small run underneath. Needless to say the brood is happy to be out of the old bunny cage at night. Now all we need to put in is a roosting pole. 

Simba (our Buff Brahma) is excited and HUGE! He is only 10weeks old. He might look mean but he is a sweetheart and purrs when you hold him. 

Our garden is also busting out right now. We have already had a large crop of lettuce, spinach, arugula, and strawberries  Now we're just getting in cherry tomatoes. The squash, cantaloupe, peppers, and watermelon are going crazy! 

So at any rate, we are busy over here and soaking up the summer these past two mild days.  We have had dinner on the porch two nights in a row and are loving it. Enjoy your weekend and the outdoors!

One garden bed- we have two additional ones. 
The First Crepe Myrtle Bloom of the summer! They smell divine!
Cicero (Our Lionhead buck) also likes the coop. We house our chickens and rabbits together. They all cuddle together at night. Its quite adorable.

The Felt Gnomes: A Reference

The Felt Gnomes: A Reference

The felt gnomes are very easy but they are not my own creation. Kimara over as Wee Folk Art dreamed up these beauties. I copied her patterns almost perfectly except that I simplified my felt capes. I am not that great of an embroiderer so I thought a little mushroom and pumpkin were easier than her stitches for me. 

I also use 100% wool felt. She seems to be a fan of a 50/50 wool blend. I bought my 100% wool felt from Material Evidence at Esty. I find that 100% is stiffer and brighter. But to each their own because Kimara certainly knows what she is talking about! I also bought my wood peg people from my local Michael's shop in the wood section for $1.50. 

Link to Kimara's free felt gnome pattern :

Enjoy and create! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wood Burning Gnome Tutorial

Wait, what? Where did the tutorial go? Well let me tell you! This tutorial is up for consideration to be published in the Autumn edition of "Rhythm of the Home". Until they make a decision, it will remain hidden due to publishing rights- so sorry! But regardless of what they choose you will be able to view the article on their site or mine. So lets hope they like it and decide to publish it! 

{this moment}

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

::right now::

I wanted to have a gnome tutorial posted tonight but alas, life happened. My husband works night shifts generally, he is a sommelier and maitre'd, but tonight he actually had the night off! That was until another employee called in sick so he had to work a double. 

Oh well. So instead of having a rare family dinner- in our house we have to do family lunches- the kids and I had a picnic dinner in the park (since that was the most bearable time to be outside). I think it was about 90 degrees here today and no breeze. 

So tonight I will steal another SouleMama tradition of doing a 'right now' blog with promises of crafty goodness to come tomorrow. 

All done! 

The sleeping gnomes and owl

The flower fairies- but I might call them sprites. 

The were so much fun

From Amanda Soule's Book: The Creative Family. An art display rack. We were in desperate need of one and the best part is I found it thrifted. Then I sanded it and repainted it. Nice for $1 right? 

The Tomten Sweater and felt fairies in progress. 

And new embroidery that I cannot wait to start!!! 
right now, I am...
:: feeling hopeful and excited about our futures here in the Kleemann family. This summer will be a fun transition for all of us to a new home with lots of changes in store. 
:: cooking up ideas for the aforementioned new home. Places for thought and retreat for the entire family await us.  
:: loving my baby boy's sweet spirit and budding personality. He loves life and I wish I could remember to love life like he does more often. 
:: making a mess with paints galore. The art display rack, gnomes, fairies, and owls are all done. 
:: remembering just how much I miss living right next to the ocean on blistering peninsula summer days. 
:: marveling at my daughter's imagination and curiosity. Neither of which I can take any credit for and I like it that way
:: smelling the wet smell of the earth mingled with my tomato plants. That smell reminds me of my Grandfather
:: hearing a drove of cardinal fledglings eat the suet that we set up for them yesterday near the playroom window and being able to share that moment with Deirdre. 
:: relishing every milestone and moment at home with my kids. Seeing the world through their eyes is such a wondrous gift and I thank the Lord for allowing Craig and I to be their guide. 
:: wishing you and yours a lovely day and a beautiful start to your weekend!

Fiddler on the Roof

Ah so tonight the husband and I went to see the play 'Fiddler on the Roof"at the Chrysler Hall. It was lovely and just the respite we needed. Kid-free bliss with time to share more hopes and dreams we have for the coming months and years. I so dearly treasure my rare one on one moments with Craig. That was the best part of the night. So while I had grand plans to write more tonight, I will leave it at this and pick back up the blogging tomorrow. I also had one glass of wine and well apparently I do not hold my wine well and now I am sleeeeeepy. 


Goodnight my lovely friends!