Monday, September 5, 2011

First Day of School

Ostheimer Squirrel 
Deirdre and Jonas on their new Daddy built natural playgroup. These are her hop logs! 

Today was our first day of homeschool! It went over without a hitch. I keep pinching myself in disbelief since it went so well and we ALL enjoyed it so much. Last night I was a bit nervous because I take teaching any children, my included, seriously (since it my profession). But that all melted away as we sat down for circle time with a song, a monthly poem, followed by a finger play, story, discussion, and verse. 

Our weekly theme is squirrels, nuts, and preparation. I cannot go into too much of the specifics since we are using a copyrighted curriculum, however I added in an extra bible story and weekly bible verse about John the Baptist who prepared the way for Jesus Christ to complement our preparation theme. 

Jonas enjoyed most of it. He came and went, which is fine and what is expected of a one year old. He loved the puppet story and songs. He even mimed the finger play! 

Deirdre was mesmerised and quite into her "school time". She called me Mommy-teacher the entire day! Ah it warmed my heart. I am so glad we prayed over this choice and that the Lord has blessed it. I cannot wait for that time tomorrow, and neither can the kids! 

Also on another good note, I finished knitting my apples! Whoopie! 

We also began our new Autumn menu tonight. Very healthy and crunchy but we like it so far (and we were pretty healthy to begin with). Its good motivation for me .

Nuts we've found and a home grown pumpkin! 

Quite time light. 

Lots of art displays! 

Tomten and the fox looking at each other, per Deirdre request. 

More Baba Yaga, but she calls it Hansel and Gretel. 

New playroom art. 


  1. Wonderful. Gives me hope. We are leaning towards homeschooling as well.

  2. thats awesome congrats on your first day, and many more to come!!
    (so cool your adding extra bible stories to you lesson plans, in our home bible time brings such peace!!)

  3. Thanks Linnie and Maria! Yes I love how seamlessly the bible fits into Waldorf. It does bring us great peace- me too!

    Maria, let me know if you have any questions! I'll be praying for guidance for you all as you consider your options! :)

  4. Love your homeschool set up! And fun to see all the little things I've packed up for you happy in their lovely home!

  5. Thank you so much Becca! Its such a blessing to be able to afford quality toys and supplies for the kids!


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